How to Stay Safe Whilst Driving in Snow or During Icey Conditions

Snow and ice can make for very dangerous driving conditions, and this is particularly true to inexperienced winter drivers. In the United Kingdom due to the infrequency of snow the majority of motorists unprepared and left unable to deal with the conditions. Which is what caused grid lock all over the country last winter. In this article we will outline some key principles to keep you safe and mobile on the roads this winter. Wear boots while driving in a snow condition, you can buy ugg boots online au.


If you think there might be snow then wake up early and make sure your car is ready and safe to drive:

1. Use an ice scraper or deicer to remove clean all windows to ensure you have maximum visibility

2. Clear the roof of your car of snow. If not the snow may suddenly cover your windscreen whilst you are driving

3. Remove any ice or snow from your head lights so that other motorists can see you

4. Bring an emergency kit in case you end up stranded in the snow. This should include a torch, first aid kit, tow rope, a blanket, thick coat and boots, jump leads, snow shovels, warning triangle and rags or sacks

5. It is also advisable to bring a pair of snow chains or snow socks to stop you from slipping and to keep you from getting stuck in the snow

6. Wear comfortable, dry shoes – Slippery snow covered boots are not suitable for driving in

• Keep your lights on to improve visibility to other road users.

• If your car is parked in a snow covered area then apply your snow socks / snow chains before you start your journey, remember though to take them off once the road becomes clear again.

• Choose second gear when pulling away, slowly ease your foot off the clutch to prevent your wheels spinning.

• Use a low gear when driving, especially on inclines or hills.

• Drive slowly and give yourself plenty space to stop – You should allow for at least 3x more breaking distance than normal.

• Brake lightly to prevent skidding – If you feel your tyres locking up then ease off the brake.

• When driving downhill, use third or fourth gear, this will help you avoid skidding.

• If your vehicle skids, press down on the clutch and turn the steering wheel towards the direction of the skid. Once your car straightens up steer gently back along the course of the road. When skidding, don’t break! Your wheels will just lock up and you will continue to skid.

• If you get stuck, straighten up your wheels, use your snow shovel to clear the snow from in front of the driving wheels and if you have not already then apply your snow socks / snow chains. If you do not have snow chains or socks then put a rag or sack underneath your tyres to help your tyres grip. Do not stop your car again until you reach firm ground.

Driving an Automatic car

o For driving on gritted or clear roads use ‘Drive’ and let the car adjust the gears for you
o Once the roads become treacherous drop it into ‘2’ which will improve traction and reduce your need for the brakes
o Many newer cars have a Winter/Snow mode, which is designed to give you more traction and reduce wheel spin.

Buying Outdoor Business Signs? Remember These 5 Pointers

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of stickers Sydney services. When you spend your time, looking at the works a reputable signage manufacturer, you would be spoilt for choice. When it comes to your business outdoor signs in Kansas City, you need to give due consideration to a number of factors including location, budget, durability and more before making a choice. Remember these 5 pointers before you proceed:

Location of Your Outdoor Sign: If your store is located in a mall or somewhere close where several people walk past, outdoor signs are a great way to advertise your business. You can use outdoor signs to spread the word about your latest promotional offers, or talk about your business that will attract both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This could also pave the way for better lead generation.

Durability of The Sign: Not all kinds of outdoor signs are designed equally when it comes to quality or durability. Good signage manufacturing companies will ensure that the outdoors signs they manufacture are built to last. Any kind of outdoor signs designed by them will be secured from the various elements of harsh weather for several years to come. These effective business signs in Kansas City will also be periodically maintained by the professionals to make them look as good as new.

Budget Consideration: Outdoor business signs are specifically helpful for small businesses. Consult with a professional signage manufacturing company, let them know your requirements, and ask for an estimate before forking out your money. If you are not ready to pay significant money upfront, you can consider leasing outdoor signs for more control on your financial expenses.

Visibility of The Sign: You might have created the most attractive outdoor sign out there, but if it is not visible to your customers, it’d be just an utter waste of money. An outdoor signage manufacturer in Kansas City can design signage in different sizes and shapes, yet try to blend it perfectly with the surroundings and make them visible to all.

Simple Typography: The Secret formula of an effective outdoors sign is keeping it simple. The message included should be displayed with simple typography and be precise. The rule of thumb is to have not more than 15 words. Use of bold lettering will account for better readability from a distance. Avoid using italics as it can be hard for passersby to understand the message. Check this before you invest in signage business.

If you have decided to invest in a good quality outdoor sign, get in touch with a recognized signage manufacturer today.

Amazing Benefits of Sameday Courier Companies

Courier Australia streamline your operations with our fulfilment, distribution, order processing, freight and parcel delivery services. From an humble beginning to the present, the direction and the goals of courier companies have remained true. They have strived to provide the highest quality service to clients of different sectors. While the facilities and staff have grown over the years, the dedication towards customers from the courier companies has not changed and hence, the courier companies takes an opportunity to thank all of the customers, past and present, for their custom and support. Along with custom and support, the courier companies also thank the customers for the confidence placed in them.

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