Benefits of Window Tinting – What You Should Know

A thin, sheet of film that is transparent is applied to your car’s windows in this simple procedure. There are many benefits of having your car or truck windows. The thickness of the film ranges from 0.001 to 0.004 inches and made of a different. Window tinting can also create hazards, especially for drivers at night. To ensure safety, many jurisdictions have enforced laws that are based on the darkness of the tinting films. For example, in Arkansas, the tint limit is twenty-five percent but in New Jersey, it is seventy-percent.

The three ways of window tinting include

• Film tinting-this is an inexpensive and simple way to tint your windows. The film applied to your window glass is found in different tints like metallic, mirrored, and flat. Some experts in the automotive field say this type of window tinting can help prevent the shattering of window glass in an auto accident. Although this may be true, it is generally helpful during the first months of applications. This is because the window tinting file can easily peel or crack.
• OEM tinted glass-with this type of window tinting the tint is added when the glass is prepared instead of applying it to the window. This type has a tint that is lighter and to replace it can be expensive.
• Coated tinting-in this technique a distinctive solution is applied to the window surface. It is often used as a spray. When tinting your windows this is the most effective way. It should only be done by an expert, as it is a difficult process to apply.

Benefits of window tinting

• Better driving-if the sun is in your face when driving it can be an annoyance but it can also be deadly. Having your windshield tinted will prevent glare from extreme sunlight and helps to shield your eyes.
• Privacy-not only does it offer some protection by preventing people from seeing in your car and it also protects things inside your car from being seen by others when you are not around. You will not need to store your valuables in the trunk to protect them from being stolen.
• Protects your car upholstery-UV rays and the heat from direct sunlight can help to keep the interior of your car from getting so hot that it cracks, fades, or warps your plastic dash and other plastic in your car. It also blocks as much as 90% of the harmful UV rays.
• Keeping cool—if you have the right window tinting you can help to reduce the heat inside of your car in the summer up to 60%.
• Staying healthy-window tinting can reduce the number of UV rays, which can cause skin cancer.

White 7 has Added New Luxury BMW Cars In Its Fleet To Entice Business Executives

Chauffeured cars are certainly quite popular due to the several advantages they offer like riding in style. There are many reasons or occasions when these services are availed. In order to provide the best car hire services in UK, White 7 has swanky BMWs in its fleet that impress everyone.
With the purpose to entice the business executives, the UK based company recently made an announcement about adding some more chauffeur cars London to its existing fleet, so that they can fulfill the requirements of increasing clients. They mainly concentrate on the luxury and comfortable travel experience of their clients, and they have included some luxury white cars with cream-colored leather interiors in their fleet. Their drivers are also well groomed and well trained.

During the press conference, a senior manager of the company said, “We know that in this highly competitive environment, business executives remain busy most of the times. For them, it is not possible to grab the driving wheel and drive their car. Every second is important for them when it comes to getting prepared for business meetings. For this reason, the corporate packages our company offers are aimed at making things simple for them.”

The company offers unmatched comfort and hassle free experience to business executives through our chauffeur driven cars London services. Their BMWs are well-maintained and as good as new; all white in color with cream leather interiors. Plus, they have equipped our chauffeur cars Business Executive with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and TV so that our clients stay connected. One thing is for sure that the classic look of white BMW cars will surely attract the business executives.
When asked about how the company aims at surviving in this competitive business, the manager said, “We believe that in this business, the qualification and experience of the chauffeurs or drivers matter a lot. Inexperienced and ill-behaved chauffeurs often ruin the service quality. Our chauffeurs are highly professional and know their job well.”

White 7 has employed some experienced drivers who are trained in the hospitality segment. Along with that, their drivers are also well groomed and punctual. As a result, now the company stands as one of the best chauffeur car services in the city and they are trying to make everything even more convenient to their customers.

Fuel Injection Cleaner — Injector Cleaning

Fuel Injection Cleaner — Tuneups and Fuel Economy

Image result for Fuel Injection Cleaner -- Injector CleaningFuel injection cleaner, also known as injector cleaner, is a simple trick that can give you a lot of bang for your buck. You pour it in your gas tank when filling up at the gas station, and away it goes. Especially in California, where emissions tests happen often, having a peak performance vehicle is very important. Clean fuel injectors help ensure:

  1. Fuel Economy
  2. Emissions
  3. Peak Engine Performance

If that’s something you want as a car owner, consider using a fuel injection cleaner every couple of months.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

When fuel injectors are dirty, they can’t deliver the correct spray required for combustion, and as a result, fuel economy and engine performance suffers. This, in the long run, can be costly or can even begin to cause symptoms:

  1. Rough Idle
  2. Misfiring
  3. Poor Fuel Economy

That’s why fuel injection cleaner is a must. The reason I recommend fuel injector cleaner is because it’s one of those simple things a person can do without having to replace any parts or any under the hood work. Normally in a tuneup, lots of things get replaced, things like spark plugs, distributor caps, belts, and fluids. But with fuel injectors, running an additive through a tank of gas every once in a while will keep them clean and running properly. It’s something you can do cheaply and without automotive knowhow. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

How Fuel Injector Cleaner Works

Over time, all fuel injectors become clogged. This happens because the deposits come from the gasoline itself. Gasoline is a compound mixture of hydrocarbons, and includes waxy, heavy chemicals known as oilfins, which yield a lot of energy when burned. As long as a car is running, the fuel injectors and engine runs efficiently. The clogging occurs when the engine is shut off, and a process known as heat soak occurs. Residue of fuel in the injector nozzles begins to evaporate, and it leaves the oilfins behind, which don’t evaporate and some of which don’t get washed away, but instead get baked into hard varnish deposits, which ultimately will clog the injectors.

Newer injectors are more resistant than the old ones to this kind of clogging, and additives are added to gasoline to try to dissolve some of these buildups. But cars that make mostly short trips are still especially susceptible to fuel injection clogging, and every injector will ultimately become clogged over time. If the fuel injectors are never cleaned, as the car ages you’ll start to notice that your car shakes a bit while idling and eventually it will either stall or misfire, and all the while your fuel economy and engine performance will suffer. I was just in a car the other day that suffered from a very rough idle, and the driver had to keep a little pressure on the gas petal while stopped to keep the car from stalling. Fuel injector cleaner works by stripping away the clogging the builds up over time.

The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

There are many different kinds of fuel injection cleaners, and the best fuel injection cleaner is one that might surprise you. It’s gasoline itself! Cheap gasoline is often lacking in the additives that breakdown clogging and, over the long haul, can cost you more money than it saves. That being said, there are also some very good brands of fuel injection cleaner out there. I like Red Line’s fuel system treatment the best. Red Line’s Fuel injection cleaner is a total fuel system cleaner and works really well.

Another great way to go is seafoam, which I’ve written a lot about as well. Seafoam can be added to your gas tank as well as your oil. Check out the link for more info. Some other great injector cleaner is STP injection cleaner. It’s reported to have the highest concentration of cleaning agents out of any fuel system cleaner. It’s good for really tough clogs, but I still prefer Redline fuel system cleaner for boosting overall fuel economy. The best tip for keeping your injectors clean is to not buy cheap gas, but this is only a preventative measure. My guess is that for people reading this article, it’s because your fuel injectors are already partially clogged and are causing problems to your engine performance. If that’s the case, then you still have quite a few options. There are many cheap fuel injection cleaners that you can add to your gasoline which will act like drano on a sink pipe and will dissolve many of the clogs in your injectors. One such product is listed to the right. When used semi-regularly (once every few months) it will keep your injectors nice and clean.

But this may not be enough for some engines. Older engines already experiencing heavy problems may need a bigger hand. For this, you may actually need a fuel injection cleaner kit that will allow you to dismantle the fuel injection system and give it a nice clean. However, this is not always possible and some fuel injectors are delicate. Before trying this, I would definitely recommend running a bottle of fuel injection cleaner additive or two through a tank of gas and see if that helps at all. It’s cheap and effective.