Colored Chrome Car Wraps

We’ve all seen over the last year the rising trend of chrome and even colored chrome car wraps. These wraps are truly something unique that demands attention from everyone. In the past the only way to produce a colored chrome vinyl (that wasn’t a makeshift overseas product) was to purchase a roll of Avery Conform chrome or Hexis chrome and then laminate it with a transparent colored film such as Hexis C4000. This process is costly and time consuming also resulting in warranty of the products being voided from the process. With this being said, Avery and Hexis are coming to the rescue to produce out of the box colored chrome car wrap films! With Sydney car paint protection I trust them t remove the rusty portion in my car before applying a new paint.

Avery Conform Chrome Colors

Over the last few weeks Avery Dennison is already beginning to release their product line unveiling blue and gold chrome. Blue has been a very anticipated color and the gold film will be for the select consumer who believes has the ability to pull off such a look. The series isn’t done here, red and yellow chrome will also be coming out shortly. As of right now the films may be hard to find from your local distributor and may require you to do some searching for this elusive product. How much does this cost? Whilst eliminating the lamination process, this product weighs in at around $2,300-$2,600 depending on your distributor. This is material cost alone and let’s not forget that the installation process is still very tedious and the overall cost for a chrome wrap can still be 3x the cost of a standard matte or gloss wrap.

Hexis Chrome Colors

Upon speaking with my local Hexis distrutor I was noticed that a colored chrome series is due to be released in September 2013. The series is due to include blue, red, yellow, black, gold, and purple. They will also be re-releasing a better product line of the former C4000 series which will also be a cast vinyl as opposed to it’s current calendered state. This will also provide more options in creating chrome colors using the old method of creating colored chrome. A price for the Hexis colored chrome is still unknown but I would assume a price around $3,000 would not be far off.

Go Chrome Today!

In celebration of the release of these new colors we will be giving a discounted price all summer long for colored chrome car wrap installations. Take advantage of this special and make your summer a memorable one with one of the first vehicles wrapped in these colors! Give us a call at (240)320-3335 or fill out the quote request form and get started today.