Five Best Android Car DVD Player for Your Family to Enjoy

The first best Android Car DVD Player GA5163F: Quality head unit with low price. Excellent customer service. After \”At first I was skeptical, but read a lot of good reviews, I decided Android equipment 4.4.4 my Mazda 3, which is very suitable for my stock units GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation, all that is plug and play without any need for additional cables or equipment installation kit required. Steering wheel controls work as advertised. The sound quality is great. Than my Pioneer double DIN unit me. All the best, loading Mercedes-Benz. Experience no lag. I will recommend this Mazda 3 Navigation to everyone.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase. I look way better than the OEM unit, the material is great, not expensive. The most important is that it is half elite troops, but believe me when I say you get more features. It\’s like a sprinter on your phone or tablet. At time Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. I strongly recommend Eonon to all of my friends. You will not be disappointed.

The second best unit we would like to recommend is GA5153F for VW owners:
The only head unit you\’ll ever need! I was in my 2012 GTI Hu stock installed this. I can say is wow. Potential processing power of the device, it seems crazy stock OEM! My passenger amazing technology, I\’ve hooked it a rearview camera and a subwoofer. It works perfectly. GPS Bluetooth interface is a perfect fashion fast. I really love it. There was just so much money again ΓΌ can be added to the device, such as a TV tuner, but I liked it, because it is. It is strongly recommended stock VW of the interface! Plus the price is perfect. You cannot get anywhere better deal. Buy this head unit (ga5153f) about a month ago, I have to say that. I would definitely order another my wife\’s car! Installation is a piece of cake, it is just plug and play. After the installation and use of the person in charge to fight, only about my sprint Android tablet. Access to all my applications, all the Google Play store is on my phone normal use. It works perfectly.

There is a small problem, when you enter the built-in applications that do not weather for my city. Quick e-mail to customer service and got them a link to a solution, send me to a really quick response. Update is a breeze, but, they say, would be perfect. I installed this one of my friends, a very famous custom audio shop job, he was blown away in the functional, easy to use, easy to install, how well everything works and prices. Eonon definitely blown away by their products and services. This is definitely going to be a return customer.

The third one should be GA5151F Android Car DVD Player for 2004-2009 Mazda 3 owners. Our fans said: I recently purchased ga5151f audio console, although there are some renovation issues so far (customer service is) to solve these problems, I must say, I was left all impressed the great work, the unit is very fast. Thank you for your wonderful products and excellent customer service, you guys are GREAT.

The fourth best unit is GA5162F for Ford. Awesome Audio and fast delivery and service. The head unit is a dream. Fast, flexible, built-in system is better than any day I\’ve ever seen. Shipping and delivery to be completed within four days. Same week unit received from Hong Kong to Australia, which for me is a record. Easy to install, the instructions on the box and the website. You can also use YouTube to find you how to take the plastic off a specific car video, not destroy them. Cream and cake, this is the most friendly company in there. They like to send personalized e-mail, let them pack on arrival, if everything is normal, amazing.

The No. 5 is GA5180F Android Car DVD Player.
Finally, I would say start; wow! I expected to install equipment market for the first time after a number of line problems. I did well in the past, and have been here and there suture to make it work. I could not believe how easy this unit attached to the only line of my 2008 Silverado HD 2500 I have to do after power rearview camera, this is a simple clamps. CAN bus works well, steering wheel controls are effective (although I have not been able to customize each button\’s function), but it is very easy to miss. In addition to the dashboard unit, I also installed two 12-inch subwoofer amplifier. I have only one child, because later RCA cable splitter, it is worth five dollars. The machine comes with an antenna adapter as well. I cannot explain how I was impressed with the product. Everything works as advertised, installation is a snap. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

About the Mirroring function, my phone is awesome, there is only one flaw. But even at the lowest brightness, glare, I still received my phone almost no cost. If you are in a bright environment, actually discharged the phone, and even insert the head unit. Overall, I really liked it. I have a Bose system, because it works, but the amount is high, even if just listen to me almost from my mobile stream BT, BT volume so I can put a little on my phone. Even all the way up, which is not bad, but I usually mute all the way, if I my phone conversation. I also have a reversing camera, very pleased. It lights up immediately, so you do not have to wait for about 20 seconds to start, look behind you! So I trust Eonon Car DVD Players, how about you?