Hi- Def Auto Detail Waterless Car Wash Detailing

Look at this 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 HiDef signature Hi Def Ultra Exterior Detail. The ground pounding monster sports Hi Def 1080 Nano Seal for the ultimate in paint protection and a deep gloss. Swissvax Crystal Rock coats a car’s paintwork in a smooth, beautiful, glossy water-repellent film and even brings a shine to white and silver.

Shine up your ride for the summer driving season with our NEW Hi Def Express Detail – starting at only $89.00

Package includes:

– Exterior Hand Wash

– Clean & Dress Tires & Wheels

– Remove road tar & film

– Polish exhaust tips

– Polish exhaust tips

– Interior vacuum & cleaning

– Apply Hi Def G-6 Polymer Wax by swirl free buffer

Cameron did a fantastic job detailing both of our cars. The first car we brought in was a Honda Civic that we were selling on CraigsList. The car came out spotless. Every last square inch of interior was cleaned. The cup holders, the door handles, under the steering wheel, everywhere. When selling the car it was easy. Why? It was well taken care of and looked immaculate thanks to Hi Def Auto Detail.

So we brought back our second car. My wife’s Acura. She loves that car, and it had a few oil stains from a careless mechanic. All of those are gone. Click here on how car looks fantastic inside and out. I keep running my hands along the paint to feel that smooth wax.

Cameron also gave us some good advice. Skip the was job at the local drive through car wash. It’s poor quality wax and just runs. Save the money and have the car detailed once a quarter instead. This will stop oxidation in it’s tracks for about the same price. Thanks guys!