How Nano Paint Helps in Auto Protection

To understand how nano paint innovation helps in auto protection, one has to have an understanding of exactly what nanotechnology is. Generally, nanotechnology involves bits that go to many ONE HUNDRED nanometers, bits so small that they can do points previously assumed impossible. is a manufacturer of industrial multi-functional protective coatings for all surfaces, originally devoted to the OEM Industrial Coating Field, specializes in nano car paint protection which helps to secure the paint of your car.


One of the areas where nanotechnology is being utilized is in the manufacturing of auto paints that help in car protection. Actually, automobile paints made with nano paint innovation shield autos in means that ordinary auto paints never can. More particularly, nano paint modern technology secures an auto’s paint from both natural elements and manufactured materials that could damage it.

In fact, nanotechnology has actually been so revolutionary in the car sector that an anonymous vehicle paint specialist once claimed, “The intro of nano paint technology is like having a dike leakage that can not be sealed since all the readily available corks are too big, then a piece of cork little adequate to close the hole simply perfectly is received. That’s just what nano paint technology did. It enabled us to solve troubles with vehicle paints that were formerly believed to be unsolvable.”.

What is it precisely that makes nano paints so extraordinary? When nano paint reaches contact with an automobile’s area, it forms an extremely strict bond, a bond tighter than the very best bonds that common paints could ever before attain. Exactly what enables nano paint innovation to achieve this is the fact that the areas of automobiles are in fact never actually flawlessly smooth and level regardless of just how well car producers try to make them. In fact, viewed under a microscopic lense, the surface areas of autos in fact consist of pits and valleys that common vehicle paints can never hope to reach into.

On the other hand, nano paint could reach into the pits and valleys located on vehicle surface areas and hold the remainder of an automobile’s surface area more effectively, therefore developing a tighter link between the bits of the paint and the particles of the car’s area. Then, nano paint becomes much less most likely to be eliminated by any kind of harsh product, such as small pebbles or stones, that might enter contact with a car’s surface while the vehicle is being driven. In addition, nano paints are a lot more immune to damage that can be triggered by cleaning agents, chemicals, and abrasives that are commonly made use of in washing cars.


Mercedez-Benz was the initial vehicle maker to utilize nano paint modern technology in 2003, allowing the company to present to the marketplace a brand-new scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant clear coat including ceramic bits that each action a millionth of a millimeter. When an automobile is painted using nano paint technology, these ceramic nano-particles find themselves drifting around easily in the paint. Then, when the body of the car is oven baked at 140 degrees Celsius as part of the painting procedure, the nano-particles create a thick network instead of the long molecular chains typical paints form. This thick network, in turn, enables the lacquer to supply more efficient protection from scratches and regular deterioration.

As a matter of fact, when Mercedes-Benz tested their nano-particle clearcoats, it was found that their nano paint was 40 percent more able to remain without great scrapes compared to normal clearcoats, therefore allowing the car to preserve its gloss for longer time frames.

Undoubtedly, as nano paint innovation remains to establish, vehicle owners will enjoy the advantages of much better and much better automobile protection from the paint on their autos.