How to Paint My Car – 3 Rules to Pro Finishes

Unfortunately, there‚Äôs a lot of misconceptions out there with regards to ceramic paint protection. There are three main rules to follow when one decides, “I want to learn how to paint my car.” Following these three rules will help you to get that factory fresh paint job. These rules have been borrowed from, a comprehensive resource for us amateurs wondering “how to paint my car“.

The first rule would be deciding what kind of paint job you will be undertaking. If it is to repair a small scratch or nick, then you will likely be using a small touch up can and brush. These are available for purchase in your local auto body store. If you intend to fix major damage, you will have to use a spray paint gun and possibly a paint booth. Should this be the case, make sure to purchase or rent a high quality gun. Figuring this out early on will enable you to create a budget to price you car painting project.

The next rule that will enable you to achieve an awesome finish focuses on choosing the right paint. Make sure you choose urethane for newer car models and acrylics for restoration and classic vehicles. Take note that paints with red and pearl in them will cost you more, therefore if you are on a budget it may be wise to steer away from these colors. In addition, make sure to purchase enough paint for the job you plan to undertake. You do not want your car half painted while you have to run back to the auto body store for more supplies.

The final rule to for a pro paint job is to make sure you correctly and completely prepare the surface that is to be painted. You will have you choice of sanding, media or sand blasting, and chemical stripping. Each choice is best for specific types of projects. Make sure to consult your local auto body store clerk when deciding this crucial element.

Remember it is always good to ask questions when you are in the store. This process will also require a fair amount of safety precautions to be taken. This is to ensure not only your safety, but to ensure you do not warp or irreparably damage parts of your car. With these three rules in mind, you should be well on your way to answering your original query of how to paint my car.