Reversing Discoloration of Wheels

The wheels of your car are extremely important and are what keep you on the road. They not only promise a smooth drive and enhanced performance, but also improve the appearance of the car. However, you cannot save your good looking wheels from a number of damages, including discoloration.

The “Ugly” Patches

With time and use, whitish and yellow spots often develop on car wheels. These discoloration spots rob the wheels of their original glory.

However, what is the solution to fix the discoloration of alloy disc? Do you need an expensive painting job? Do you need full replacement of the wheels? Or is there any other viable solution?

Today’s alloy wheels are primed, painted and then clear coated for additional protection. So, paint touch-ups for discoloration are not the answer to the “ugly” spots.

Getting Rid of the Spots

Here are some facts about discoloration of alloy wheels and how you can fix it.

Oxidation: Discoloration on ring can be a result of oxidation. These are made from aluminum, which does not rust. However, dirt and dust tend to get collected on these wheels. Sometimes certain chemicals or materials react with oxygen molecules and cause oxidation, which leads to discoloration.

Oxidation can be reversed with an acid cleaner, which counteracts the oxidation process. As the rings are clear coated after painting, it is essential to remove the coating before treating the wheels with the acid cleaner. The coating can be easily removed with paint remover. However, remember to clean the paint remover thoroughly before using the acid cleaner. You can use acid cleaners made at home or reputed products available in the market. After using the acid cleaner, rinse the wheels well; and dry them completely before installing them on the car again.

However, if this technique fails to work, you can use a stronger cleaner to get rid of the ugly spots. After thorough cleaning, follow up the process with a fine glaze and then wax the rings for shiny, like-new appearance.

At the Garage: A whitish discoloration on the wheels is not uncommon. However, this often happens when a person at the mechanics garage uses acids and cleaners to clean the wheels and tires. Yes, acids remove the dirt rapidly, but sometimes attack the clear coating with a cloudy, dull appearance.

The solution to this kind of discoloration is using a paint glaze on the wheels to get rid of the cloudy appearance. However, remember to clean the wheels thoroughly before using the paint glaze. Moreover, use a soft cloth for application to avoid any scratches or damage.

Alloy Wheel repair specialists can easily take care of the damage caused by discoloration, without the need for replacement.

However, if none of the above can solve the problem of discoloration, then re-painting would be the solution. The alloy wheel repair specialist will advise accordingly. However, whether the surface of the wheel is pitted or the paint has worn off in patches, then a paint touch-up will only cause further damage. Always remove the coating and the paint before re-painting is done.

Whatever the problem, discoloration of wheels can be easily solved.