The Kind of Windshield Repair You Need Depends On The Type of Damage to Your Windshield

For a new car owner, there is nothing more frustrating than the first sign of damage especially when it occurs to the windshield of your brand new car. Unfortunately, windshield repair is something that every car owner has to face at some point, no matter how careful he or she is. Windshield cracks occur when an object of a certain weight or texture hits your windshield at a particular speed. Cracks can occur when your car is moving, or when it is stationary.  The type of windshield damage and whether you should opt for windshield repair or auto glass replacement depend on the object that hits your screen, its speed and the quality of your windshield.
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There are several types of windshield damage. Some can be temporarily fixed at home with a little know-how, while others require professional auto glass replacement. Cracks are a common type of windshield damage. Cracks can be straight or jagged and these lines can be isolated in a small section of your windscreen or spread across the entire windscreen. Even if a crack is small, you should not ignore it since it can spread. A deep crack can go through the windscreen, but a superficial one will only be on the top of the windscreen.

Some other types of damage, which require windshield repair, are ‘Starbreaks’, ‘Bull’s Eyes’ and ‘Chips’. With a Starbreak crack, the lines extend outwards from the point of impact, while Bull’s Eye cracks feature cracks in circular shapes, looking very much like a target. These two types of cracks are more serious types of windshield damage because they damage the strength of the glass in many areas. If you have this type of damage, you should probably take your car to a windshield repair specialist as soon as possible.

On the other hand, chips are less serious and may not require immediate attention from windshield repair specialists. A chip is a dent in the surface of your windscreen. However, since chips can grow into cracks due to moisture and movement, you should seal the chip to prevent further damage. This can be done at home using a DIY windshield repair kit that you can buy for $10 or less at any auto supply store.  Follow the instructions closely and try to do this as soon as you can. If left unattended, a chip can grow into a very serious crack and a trip to an auto glass replacement centre will be unavoidable.

In the past, damage to your windshield often meant that you would have to replace the entire screen at an auto glass replacement centre. Old glass repair techniques and technology did not produce the flawless results that are attainable these days, so many drivers had to pay the high price of replacing their windshields. Knowing how to apply ‘first-aid’ to your windshield can greatly reduce the potential spreading of a chip or crack. In addition, a quick follow up visit to a reputable windshield repair centre can help prevent further damage and you may even get away without replacing the windshield of your car.