What Is The Cost Of Painting A Car? Read more: What Is The Cost Of Painting A Car?


Unfortunately though paintwork fades with time, the sparkle and the shine disappear as the ravages of nature take their toll and the minute it rolls off the showroom floor, the dents and scratches start happening. All these things not only detract from the appearance of the vehicle, they also reduce its value.

Whilst 90% of paintjobs performed by auto repair shops are done to restore faded paintwork, there are various other reasons why car owners opt, or need, to have a paint-job done. Repairs after accidents, mending dents and scratches, covering rust damage, customized artwork and decorations or a complete colour change are amongst the most common.

Factors To Consider When Determining The Cost Of Painting A Car

Restoring your car’s exterior to its original pristine, sparkling glory can be an expensive undertaking though. Or it can start out as a relatively cheap exercise that ends up expensive when the cheap paint and poor workmanship of an ‘el cheapo’ paint job require fixing. The choice is entirely yours.

Top Of The Range Specialist PaintJobs

Paint jobs generally fall into one of three categories. At the top end of the scale are the very expensive, but first rate ones. Done by highly experienced professionals using good quality commercial equipment and top of the range, expensive paint like House of Kolor or SEM, these speciality paintjobs are likely to cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more. The paint alone can set you back several hundred dollars per quart! Included in this category are highly specialist paint jobs like two toned metallic paintwork and fancy airbrush artwork.

Middle Of The Road Paint Jobs

In the middle of the road, cost wise, are the paint jobs most people opt for if they’re simply in the market for good quality work using reliable, quality paint that will withstand most normal wear and tear. They’re looking for cost effectiveness but not necessarily at the expense of quality.

Most reputable auto body shops will fall into this middle range category. They use good to top quality paint depending on customer specifications and employ good practice methods to ensure top quality work. This guarantees their customers will drive away with a top-notch paint job that did not cost them the earth.

The paint generally used in this bracket of paint job would likely include some of the economical Sherwin Williams range or Trinity 1945. These are lower priced but still excellent quality paints that produce good quality, durable results at reasonable cost. For customers wanting more upmarket work they may use slightly more expensive paint brands like PPG, Diamont and DuPont. All these paint brands, and many others like them, are highly regarded in the industry because they’re durable, long lasting and easy to use as well as economically priced.

Cost wise, you can expect a paint job in this middle range to set you back between $1,000 to $5,000 depending on paint quality, work involved, vehicle type and any customisations you may want.

Bargain Basement Paint Jobs

At the bottom end of the scale are the very cheap paint-jobs. Often for just a mere outlay of between $250 and $500 for a complete car repaint you can drive away with a freshly painted car but it will probably end up costing you a lot more in the long run. These paint jobs usually use very cheap, inferior quality paint and may not always have professional, skilled personnel applying it. However, for simple paint jobs or a quick face-lift prior to selling the vehicle, this may be quite adequate. There are paint shops around that will do a decent job regardless and you certainly can’t argue with the price.

So there you have it – the pros and cons you need to consider when looking at the cost of painting a car. Unless you need a quick job done because you’re planning on selling the vehicle straight away and just want it looking ‘nice’ until it leaves your possession (questionable ethically) you will be better off long term spending a bit more on a middle of the road or high end paint job. It will last longer and probably look better as well.