Classic Car Care Specialists Hamilton Unrivalled For Car Storage

As you start to enjoy your prized motor more in the coming spring and summer months, why not save yourself the worry and curtain twitching by investing in one of the latest leading car storage systems.

Hamilton Classic, who have many years experience supplying classic car care products, are gearing up for the ‘great’ British summer with an unrivalled range of car storage solutions.

The Temporary Garage is just one example and has a heavy-duty canopy, made from polyurethane to withstand just about any weather.  The latest version of this marquee has vehicle access doors in each end, heavy duty zips and buckles allow either end to be rolled up and secured in place for easy vehicular access.  Available in various sizes, this marquee is perfect for vehicle restoration or general car storage.

This is just the latest in a long line of innovative car storage products available from Hamilton Classic.  They also stock a wide range of car storage solutions for both classic cars and competitors.  From the Cair-O-Port which provides excellent indoor storage with atmospheric controls and fans, perfect for classic cars, to instant marquees and temporary event tents ideal for shows and outdoor meets, Hamilton Classic provide car storage solutions for any occasion.

The Clubman instant marquee is one of the best selling car storage solutions around.  Being equal in strength to many other manufacturers so called ‘heavy-duty’ marquees, the Clubman offers excellent value for money.  They can be set up in less than 5 minutes are made from high quality 25mm x 1mm powder coated steel frames with 290g waterproof polyester roof canopies.

In addition to their ever growing stock of car storage products, Hamilton Classic supply an exhaustive range of car care products, including motorbike and car covers through to car accessories, oils and ignition products, as well as a varied choice of accessories and valeting products.

About Hamilton Classic:  Hamilton Classic, along with their sister site Hamilton Motorsport, are an online supplier of car care products.  With years of experience supplying car care and car modifications, as well as extensive experience racing in motor sport, Hamilton are well placed to provide the best solutions for classic car enthusiasts and amateur racers alike.